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Your Data and GDPR

As many of you are aware, GDPR rules will come into force across Europe on May 25th 2018.

The General Data Protection Regulation is an EU law on data protection and privacy for individuals within the EU and EEA. It also looks at the export of personal data outside of the EU and EEA in order to protect the rights of its citizens (read more here).

Applingua is almost entirely a business-to-business service, but that does not mean we take the privacy of our clients lightly. Please allow us to take this opportunity to inform you of the measures we take and the rights you have when dealing with Applingua.


In February of this year, we sent a newsletter to everyone who had ever contacted Applingua during the course of business. This was the first and only newsletter we have ever sent to our current and potential clients.

Although the law allows us to communicate with those who have communicated with us first, in the interest of good faith, and with the lack of clear consent, we have deleted this mailing list in its entirety, along with any data we held via the Mailchimp service.

Translators however will continue to receive newsletters. We have always utilised Mailchimp’s excellent two-factor consent on our newsletter sign up. Translators on this mailing list have been contacted well in advance about their rights and ability to unsubscribe from this newsletter at any time.

Data we hold on potential clients

Clients who contact us using our contact forms usually provide their name, company name and email address, along with files related to their project.

These details are not used for marketing purposes and will never be added to a mailing list without express consent.

After our working relationship is over, your data will likely be held within Google Apps Suite (specifically Gmail) unless we are requested to delete this information.

Data we hold on clients

We hold more information on clients we work with directly, including:

  • Full name
  • Email
  • Billing address
  • Previous project files
  • Current project files
  • Email correspondence
  • Applingua-written notes on phone calls
  • Applingua-written notes on project management preferences

Clients have a right at any time for us to present this data and/or delete this data.

Please note that removing you from our systems will also end our working relationship as we require this information to perform our agreed service.

Data we hold on our translators

In order to work effectively with our suppliers, we must hold significant information, potentially including:

  • Full name
  • Email
  • Phone numbers
  • Address
  • Payment details
  • CVs, Resumes, links to work profiles
  • Signed NDAs
  • Notes written by Applingua staff

Individuals have a right at any time to request to see this data and/or for us to delete this information. As above, deleting this information signifies an end of our working relationship.

External services we use

In total, here is a list of the external services on which data about translators, clients and others who interact with Applingua may be stored.

  • Google Apps Suite - GDPR Compliant Model Clauses + DPA v. 2.0 signed by Applingua - USA based
  • Crowdin - GDPR Compliant Model Clauses + DPA signed by Applingua - USA based
  • Evernote - GDPR Compliant Model Clauses + EU/USA Privacy Shield Certified - USA based
  • Airtable - GDPR Compliant Model Clauses + EU/USA Privacy Shield Certified - USA based
  • Front - GDPR Compliant Model Clauses + EU/USA Privacy Shield Certified - USA based
  • Slack - GDPR Compliant Model Clauses + EU/USA Privacy Shield Certified - USA based
  • Capsule CRM - GDPR Compliant - UK based
  • MailChimp - GDPR Compliant Model Clauses + EU/USA Privacy Shield Certified - USA based
  • FreeAgent - GDPR Compliant - UK based

What about paper and our office?

Applingua is a paperless company. If your name/company’s name was recorded on a bank statement or other piece of physical mail, this will have been scanned into Evernote and shredded.

Client or translator names are abbreviated when used on office scrum boards or white boards. Guests and visitors cannot interpret these without internal knowledge.

Want to be forgotten?

At any time, you may request to be forgotten. Your data will then be removed from all of the above services and we will no longer contact you unless you contact us in normal course of business.

To do this, please send an email to privacy@applingua.com and someone will reply confirming as soon as possible (usually under 24 hours).


Read Applingua's privacy policy here…

And… at any time if you have questions, please contact privacy@applingua.com



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