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How localization helped CDBaby to become a world-leading music company

How localization has helped CD Baby to become a world-leading music company

You don’t become the world’s largest distributor of independent music by limiting yourself to one language. By localizing its content, CD Baby has been able to achieve global ambitions

The music industry has changed a lot since 1998, the year CD Baby was launched. Back then the company was an online CD store – founder Derek Sivers used the internet to distribute the physical music releases of independent artists and bands, using the power of the web to help musicians reach a wider audience.

We may be more accustomed to streaming than buying physical music these days, but CD Baby has adapted with the times, becoming one of the world’s most popular platforms for artists who want a convenient and affordable way to distribute their music online.

By publishing useful and informative content that helps musicians to promote and sell their music effectively, the company has also become one of the most trusted names in the music business. Hundreds of thousands of artists choose CD Baby to distribute their music on platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube, as well as via more traditional mediums like CDs and vinyl.

With such a wealth of useful advice on its website, the marketing team at CD Baby understands the importance of localizing content so that it can be understood by audiences all over the world.

A growing number of CD Baby users come from Central and South America. Making popular content available in languages such as Spanish and Portuguese is therefore vital to serve customers in these growing markets.

To ensure a seamless experience for its international customers, CD Baby works with applingua, entrusting us to provide consistently accurate content translations. According to CD Baby’s international marketing specialist Paula Humphries, the collaboration has become invaluable.

“I could never go back to how we did things before we started working with applingua,” says Paula. “They go above and beyond, regularly checking in and making sure we’re getting the quality and the service we expect.

“Fast turnaround and scalability are important to us. In the future we’ll be adding more languages, and with applingua we can use the same model and process that we already know. It’s a well oiled machine.”

Paula predicts that CD Baby’s international audience will soon outweigh its North American customer base, where the majority of the business currently resides. As its global audience grows, localization will continue to play a vital role in reaching audiences of different nationalities.

“We’ve now got representatives in nine countries, and we’re opening an office and call center in London to help look after our European customers,” adds Paula. “Whatever language we choose to translate our content into next, I feel confident and comfortable working with applingua.”

Want to learn more about CD Baby’s ongoing work with applingua? Download our case study.


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